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i watched a lot of tv last night

happy birthday alethialia ! (late, tho.) i'm pretty sure it's your fault that i started watching haven. all the times i yelled at nathan are on your conscience.

i mean. um. i hope your birthday was a good one and that you had cake. :D

dancing boys: *tango*

i have officially signed up for spn_j2_bigbang and may or may not have started collecting research. i have written approximately one line of the prologue and have no idea how the story ends. i will be freaking the fuck out in a month. you've been warned.

there was a lot of tv i had to watch last night. i'm not used to that!

almost human - enjoyed it, altho i wasn't 100% paying attention. dorian and kennex continue to be completely adorable.

sleepy hollow - mostly enjoyed it. abbie got to commit crime pick a lock which was pretty cool, and we learned she taught jenny to do it in the first place, and ichabod's face when she knew about the invisible ink was priceless. no, ichabod, you are not always the only authority on historical shit. i didn't love the reveal about jenny - i liked her and abbie's relationship better when it was fraught because jenny confessed she saw a demon and abbie denied it, rather than jenny always really really loved her sister! and kept getting herself sent to jail/the nuthouse in order to protect her because she (jenny) was afraid she'd hurt her! it was a spot of reality in all the batshit, and seemed kind of honest and also a bit different. i did however like that jenny had been possessed, because it made sense to me that the demon would go after her, and i liked that abbie and ichabod stopped watching the tape of her possession until they could tell her about it and get her permission to keep watching. and i liked how the various reveals about her past fit with stuff we already know and have already seen. but ichabod in skinny jeans, OY. not a good look, and i was entirely unsurprised that he put his own clothes back on as soon as he had the chance. ichabod vs the 21st century remains one of my very favorite things, and even tho the skinny jeans were a bad idea, the fact that abbie confronted him about his clothes and his need for a dry cleaner - and he was cranky and baffled - pleased me.

on the other hand, automatically assuming washington wrote "december 18" ON december 18 was stupid.

i can't believe next week is the season finale. i'm going to miss the batshit.

the blacklist - still watching for james spader. i figured out the good samaritan was targeting abusers and inflicting on them the same damage they inflicted on their victims, and THEN lizzie et al figured it out, and i wondered if it was just that i've seen so much criminal minds.

being human - has josh been a wolf for three months straight? (with brief periods of humanity.) have nora and aidan been watching him from the trailer that whole time? doesn't josh have a job that might miss him? or nora? and if sally is a ghost, why did aidan have to drive her to the trailer and she got out of the passenger seat like a corporeal person?

aside from that, i really like this show. i love all the relationships and even tho josh was all "i'm going to hurt someone so you have to kill me!" the show isn't drowning in manpain. which, yay. and sally is adorable - her happy dance in the parking lot once she freed herself from the spa was the cutest. altho appearing in the big box store hanging from a noose was kind of creepy. and apparently her power is kind of scary.

i was a little confused but overall i quite enjoyed it.

lady cassandra cookies beg to be moisturized, maybe with a nice cup of tea.
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